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Pope Blesses Gay Pride!

I had a profound religious experience this year. Last spring, I wrote to Pope Benedict, inviting him to come to Montreal to partake in Divers/Cité, an event which “celebrates the rich ethnic and racial diversity of the people of our city and country.” (It also happens to be Montreal’s official gay pride event.)

I went on: “I know you must be terribly busy, but I would like to invite you to our wonderful celebrations.”

Given the Vatican’s strict stance on same-sex marriage and various other gay-related issues, I figured I wouldn’t hear back from His Holiness.

But I guess things are really loosening up over in V-town. Lo and behold, I received a lovely letter from one of his minions. On official Vatican letterhead, Monsignor Peter Wells wrote “The Holy Father has received your letter and he has asked me to thank you for your kind invitation… His Holiness will remember you in his prayers. Invoking upon you joy and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ, he sends his blessing.”

Can you believe it? This has been a year that has revealed another side to the Pope. He endorses condom use (in certain cases) and now blesses gay pride events. Thank you, Your Holiness, and Happy Christmas to you!

  • 3 Responses to “Pope Blesses Gay Pride!”

    1. Shawnie

      Mr. Hays,

      You are the funniest guy!!! V-town will have a good chuckle as well!

    2. Leila

      The pope might not be so sure about liking gays, but his minions sure do!

      Hilarious, Matt.

    3. Bev Akerman

      when you write "V-town", my first thought is definitely NOT the Vatican…just sayin'. and i hardly see how, by graciously thanking and blessing you, he deviated in any way from what i believe is their "hate the sin, love the sinner" philosophy.

      bottom line: gotcha journalism. juvenile and not hilarious by a long shot.

      and i'm not even catholic.


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