"However, the English voice work is hit or miss. Taking into account that Quantic Dream is a French video game developer, I recommend playing the game in French with English subtitles if needed for a more enjoyable time."

Actually, I am pretty sure the lip movements were synchronized with the english soundtrack rather than the french. Also, if you spoke french, you would probably realize the french voice work is pretty much as good as the english one (i.e. not very good).

As for the game itself, I thought it was interesting but it didn't take the original concept as far as it could have.

If you analyse the game mechanics (which I always compulsively do) , you realize that very few choices actually influence the flow of the story beyond one chapter. The only real consequences are letting a character die during a sequence of Quick Time Events, but these are hardly "choices", they're just a way to penalize gram-ma. The Quick Time Events do add an extra layer of tension that doesn't exist in a movie : if you mess up the characters die, but nobody wants to lose during a Quick Time Event.

Heavy Rain is good at giving you the illusion that your choices matter, when in reality they don't.
It's a pretty good illusion mind you, but an illusion nonetheless.