Not to be picky but I’m wondering whether the Epic of Gilgamesh can be labelled a piece of “Western literature”. And describing it as having been written by a man might not really tell us how these epics actually came about (and that includes the so-called “Homeric” Odyssey). I also have some problems with stretching the notion of “classical” heroes into the time of Cervantes, just to give one example of a “carnivalesque” approach. It appears to me that the author has tried to over-ride too many differences between even classical Greek tragedy and the later satirical plays, let alone that between Joyce and Proust. Or should that be Proust and Joyce? Joyce did produce literature long after Proust went to his reward. I realize we’re all constantly looking for some over-arching theories to help us fill the existential void that hovers over us but I really think it is a waste of time. Rather than Hentsch’s notion of “The Abolition Of Time”, perhaps a better approach might be a few infusions of Bakhtin and his chronotopic lens.