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Stark RAEVing Anglo Artists

From wasteland to jungle, in one short century. So productive are the artists in our midst that it seems nobody can get anywhere these days without winning a prize or two. ELAN has just announced another competition, with something like 200 winners.

In case you still haven’t heard of this important Quebec organisation, ELAN is the English Language Arts Network, found at Some 1700 Quebec artists and arts supporters have signed up over the past five years, and now many of them are ponying up the $25 annual membership fee. Students pay nothing.

ELAN is mainly, well, an organised network. A place where Anglo artists can meet each other through the website and via regular face-to-face events held in various local bars, workshops, etc.

The organisation’s newest project is RAEV, a catchy moniker for an idea which – when spelled out – has a bureaucratic twang: Recognizing Achievement and Enhancing Visibility. With help from a grant from the Canadian Heritage Cultural Development Fund, ELAN will create profiles of 200 cutting-edge artists and cultural workers in all disciplines.

From these, a “top 100” will be selected to receive in-depth print profiles in English and French, published on a website and promoted to English and French media outlets.
From the 100, 30 artists will be featured in short video profile posted on the site and packaged on DVD.

How to compete? Get yourself nominated by as many people as you can. Submission deadline is January 15, 2010.

For more information, contact or call 514-935-3312. Or visit the ELAN site.

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