I realize that this memoir-fiction technique is the new smell coming from the stale cheese in the croner of the publishing industry fridge, but surely it is up to the reader to find this conclusion themselves (fact or fiction)and not the reviewers. We`ve all heard of James Frey, and from (then on in) everything is read through a fractured lense of an apparent truth: Unless you were there it`s a lie = $$$. It`s about sales and movies of the week, etc.

But in writing, it`s all a lie – unless you take the bible at its word (so this is just a technique publishers have pulled from the could of thier dis-imagination to re-package new writers and bring readers back in the fold, as in: BUY ME PLEASE…)

Maybe this re-package of late has a lot to do with the state of literature (I use the term losely) and the fact that a lot of stuff written is simple re-hash, etc. (like my stupid writing here.) And isn`t it time to write about something other than the Holocast. We`ve all seen Polanski`s The Pianist – can it get any more real than than for what the Jews suffered.

Let`s move on…