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  • ancestors-of-this-enormous-red-a

    Fifty trees of Montreal

    April is the cruelest month. Except for the trees. They cycle through life and death as if it were a roller coaster. Any minute now they’ll be racing past on their way to the…

  • Tartuffe

    #ListMTL April 2015

    Blue Met is back with a bang, springtime goes digital, the rising stars of MTL dance, and much more in Rover's cultural events newsletter for April 2015.

  • Melanie Sirois, Shawn Campbell, Ron Lea & Guido Cocomello in The Envelope

    Rossi’s rage goes widescreen

    Playwright Vittorio Rossi butts heads with the Canadian film industry in The Envelope, leaving both adversaries reeling.

  • mittens

    The Resilience of Augie Merasty

    Augie Merasty was five years old when his father put him into the canoe that would take him to a residential school in Saskatchewan.

  • BlueMet

    Into the Blue

    The 2015 Blue Met Literary Festival will feature over 100 writers, including Junot Díaz, Nancy Huston, Russell Banks, Hector Tobar, and Marie Howe.