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  • Naked

    Geared up and dressed down

    There’s something cathartic about riding a bike naked on the streets of Montreal. But that is yet to be determined as we enter our sixty-ninth minute of this ride.

  • The four-generation NYC family dynasty, Russ & Daughters

    The house that herring built

    For four generations, Russ & Daughters has been the only surviving appetizing store in New York's Lower East Side selling Jewish deli appetizers. A testimony to the changes of…

  • Reykjavik mayor Jon  Gnarr in pants, not a dress

    From clown to mayor

    If Rob Ford is politician who strove to be mayor and won, but became an international late-night clown, Jón Gnarr is the anti-thesis, a clown who ran as a joke, but then…

  • Brigitte-Robinson-as-Mrs.-Robinson_Photo-by-AndrÇe-Lanthier

    Mrs Robinson still seduces

    Montreal was still reeling from Expo 67, mini-skirts were turning heads, pot was definitely not medicinal, and the world was headed to California when The Graduate hit movie…


    The land that time remembers

    There isn’t a hint of social realism or documentary in the collection. Ms. Rutenberg’s travels were clearly motivated by the search for startling images. Nor is there a trace of cliché. Even the much-photographed Percé Rock looks fresh, shot from a distance across textured strips of ice and open water, against a background of a cement-coloured sky and a few lonely clouds.

    Mohandas Gandhi with India's to-be first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru

    Gandhi in the first person

    Instead of focussing on Gandhi’s role in the Indian Independence Movement, Gandhi en guise d’autobiographie delves into his spiritual life, his search for truth, and fight against hatred. Gandhi in his own words if he were alive.

    Photo courtesy of Disney

    A roar of a show!

    The Lion King has now surpassed The Phantom of the Opera to become the highest grossing Broadway musical in history, having been seen by some 45 million people in 12 countries.

    US Virgin Islands in 1918

    Magical, historical Virgin isles

    Magic, myth and history are interwoven in a tapestry of predominantly female voices, in the story the story of a US Virgin Islands sea captain, his tantalizing daughter, his pregnant social climbing wife, and his equally pregnant oseah mistress.

    Raquel Duffy and Diego Matamoros in Soulpepper's Tartuffe

    TO does Tartuffe

    Soulpepper Repertory Theatre’s brilliant rendition of Molière’s Tartuffe should not be missed by any Montreal theatre enthusiasts travelling to Toronto.


    On the road with Anna

    That first night we stayed at the Sunrise Motel in Cody, Wyoming, the town built by Buffalo Bill. One year, the Hell’s Angels and Bandidos had both booked into the motel on their way to the Harley Davidson convention. Police from a hundred mile radius had surrounded the motel to keep the peace.