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    Darjac (private collection), Wikimedia Commons

    A touch of magic realism

    With Bear, Bo can be the champion he’s always wanted to be, and his life seems to take on a magical quality. But the magic ends when Gerry’s boss gets wind of Bo’s sister, and wants to put her in his carnival freak show.

    photo: Elias Touil

    Looking back at the Maple Spring

    As the snow stubbornly clings to grey sidewalks, it is easy to forget that just two years ago the Maple Spring was in full force. Tenir tête and Les femmes changent la lutte offer two very different versions of the student strike.


    View from poolside

    So I have this Muslim friend, and he’s rich like most Muslims are and, like all rich Muslims in Montreal, he’s a student at McGill. He hates swimming, never goes near a pool if he can help it. “It’s the Catholics,” he says, “they let their children pee in the pool!”


    Fine cuisine

    Some actors carry an entire movie on their shoulders. Irrfan Khan carries The Lunchbox on his face. His beautiful, supple, gentle, forlorn, intelligent, bereft face.

    1963 film The Great Escape, courtesy of United Artists

    Down the rabbit hole

    Michael Paryla was found locked in his own apartment comatose from a mixture of milk, whiskey and sleeping pills. Now his distant cousin, Montreal-born Andrew Steinmetz, is trying to reconstruct his life.