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  • What does it mean to be neutral in a humanitarian crisis?

    Taking the side of humanity

    Working for the UN in Jerusalem during the Gaza offensive, I found the organization's neutrality attacked from both sides. But what does it mean to be neutral in a humanitarian…

  • Contractions updates Orwell's Big Brother to the corporate Big Sister

    A Brave New double hit

    Montreal's Brave New Productions have increased their exposure with four new premieres at Mainline Theatre, including the current double bill running until August 30.


    #ListMTL August 25 to September 7

    Photos to change the world, a flamenco fiesta on Bernard Street, an ephemeral temple to water on Esplanade Clark, urban Pow Wow Step, and more: check out Rover's #ListMTL.

    Photo courtesy of Disney

    A roar of a show!

    The Lion King has now surpassed The Phantom of the Opera to become the highest grossing Broadway musical in history, having been seen by some 45 million people in 12 countries.

    US Virgin Islands in 1918

    Magical, historical Virgin isles

    Magic, myth and history are interwoven in a tapestry of predominantly female voices, in the story the story of a US Virgin Islands sea captain, his tantalizing daughter, his pregnant social climbing wife, and his equally pregnant oseah mistress.

    Raquel Duffy and Diego Matamoros in Soulpepper's Tartuffe

    TO does Tartuffe

    Soulpepper Repertory Theatre’s brilliant rendition of Molière’s Tartuffe should not be missed by any Montreal theatre enthusiasts travelling to Toronto.


    On the road with Anna

    That first night we stayed at the Sunrise Motel in Cody, Wyoming, the town built by Buffalo Bill. One year, the Hell’s Angels and Bandidos had both booked into the motel on their way to the Harley Davidson convention. Police from a hundred mile radius had surrounded the motel to keep the peace.

    Chicoutimi: back to the "regions" but still staying modern

    The firefly of Chicoutimi-Nord

    A modern Québecois twist on going back to the land, La déesse des mouches à feu is set in Chicoutimi-Nord, a place populated by skaters, grunge kids and the fireflies, the popular high school girls. Catherine is determined, through drugs, sex, and rock and roll, to be a firefly.

    Glory Dazed

    Glory Dazed bedazzles

    The Sud-Ouest’s Waterworks Company presents the North American premiere of Cat Jones’ Glory Dazed, a play that probes why army veterans are over-represented in prisons.

    The power of music allows Duchesneau to persevere through her struggle with cancer

    Singing to survive

    In the Key of Claire is the story of MUHC social worker Claire Duchesneau, who has become the surrogate aunt to many refugees and asylees from Burundi and Rwanda.