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  • imitation game

    Codename: Get Oscar

    The Imitation Game is a clear bid to clean up at the Academy Awards. But don't let that put you off. It's a gripping and solid account of one of WWII's most remarkable events.

  • timesDubai

    Muslim: I woke up like this

    It isn’t every day that I get spat upon. Then a stranger quietly muttered, “Muslim.”

  • anne marie macdonald & adult onset

    Out of the past

    The last part of a trilogy that began with the epic Fall On Your Knees, Ann-Marie Macdonald's latest novel, Adult Onset, offers an intimate portrait of a troubled past.

  • Moon

    The Pull of Julie Paul

    Julie Paul's writing has an edge. Humour, sensuality, and a healthy measure of darkness lend the stories in The Pull of the Moon an emotional veracity.

    Balancing Act

    Balancing act

    Hip yet snarkily critical of hipness, Elyse Friedman’s The Answer to Everything is a breathtaking balancing act that’s laced with humour.


    Knowing when to stop

    For most of my life I have hated Christmas. My father was often laid off just before the holidays and there wasn’t much money for presents. It didn’t stop me from wanting things. And I always wanted things.