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    Mole Song - Edited

    Miike strikes again

    Psychedelic and Absurdist, The Mole Song takes the classic gangster film and turns it on its head, showing again why Takashi Miike is one of the world’s greatest directors.


    Sinking Gaza’s Ark

    Gaza’s Ark was an unarmed ship built to bring relief to besieged Gazans and challenge the Israeli blockade from the inside out. It was targeted by Israeli forces on July 11th.

    Lew Terman demonstrating the theremin

    Theremin and pheromones

    Romance, cold war espionage, New York in the Roaring Twenties and even French Montreal all linger in the background of Sean Michaels’ debut novel about Russian inventor Lev Termen.


    The age of the troll

    Trolls are the bane of the virtual world, but also a marker of our 2.0 times. What does a troll want out of life? Where do trolls get their energy and political beliefs?

    An Iraqi Army soldier conducts a patrol.

    Post 9/11 fire

    Hailed as a post-apocalyptic mind-fuck, Fire in the Unnameable Country is a post 9/11 Muslim’s account of imaginary boundaries, surveillance, and an altered reality.